Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Entry into the competition is free.
  2. Competitions are held monthly, winners are announced at the end of each month.
  3. Entries are limited.
  4. You will receive your entrants profile page link on the 1st of the month via email when voting lines open. All info will be on the email for you to vote for your Angel.
  5.  Entries are now open for the next month’s competition and will close on the 30th, however entries are limited therefore closing date each month might vary. See terms and conditions clause no.16 and 21.
  6. The Top 3 Angel’s with the most public votes win.
  7. Prizes are cash and/or vouchers.
  8. Competition is open to all SA children aged 0-6 years.
  9.  Twins / Siblings ( all aged under 6 years ) may be entered as one entry. Just select Siblings in the gender drop down. See terms and conditions clause no.9.
  10.  Only one entry will be accepted per child per month.
  11.  Only winners will not be able to re-enter within a 6 month period.
  12. Voting is open from the 1st day of the month and closes at midnight the last day of the same month. i.e September competition will start 1st September and voting will take place throughout the month of September and will close midnight 30 September.
  13. Cell C do not support premium rate sms’s therefore voting via sms for these subscribers will have to be done via i-pay.
  14. i-Pay Voting in the competition is done via instant eft and supports most banks across south africa. There are 3 options: R20 for 20 votes, R50 for 100 votes and R100 for 150 votes, choosing this option will deduct your chosen amount from your bank account.
  15. There will be 2 elimination rounds, Angel’s with the least votes will be eliminated.
  16.  Winners will be announced 10 days after voting closes.
  17.  Parents or guardians need to be 18 years or older and permanent residents / citizens of South Africa.
  18.  Parents or guardians are required to have a valid SA ID as well as proof of a valid SA bank account in order to claim any prize for their entrants.
  19.  During each competition there will be a double and BONUS voting days where your votes can be doubled at no cost to you.
  20.  All entrants competing within the month will be displayed on our website under “Competitors”.
  21.  This competition is a fun and interactive platform to display SA’s Angel Babies and Children, we don’t use judges to decide, its all up to the public to vote for their favourite angel.


How the votes indicator works…

Each level of the trophy is coloured in according to the amount of votes your Angel received to reach that level. Starting at the bottom until the trophy is completely coloured in, however please note that it wont change with every vote only when you have reached the number of votes required for that level (example: If Level 1 is 50 votes then only once your angel has 50 votes then will it show coloured in to level 1)
Every month the criteria is changed and as you progress the levels become harder to reach.
Please note if all levels are coloured in on the trophy this does not mean that you are winning it simply means your Angel is performing really well.